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 Industrial Ecology: Air Quality Control

Welcome to the chair of Industrial Ecology: Air Quality Control

The Chair of Industrial Ecology is headed by Prof. Dr. Jing Wang.

The Chair performs research and teaching in the fields of air quality monitoring and control, instrumentation for nanoparticle measurement and characterization, nanomaterial emission, and emission control and abatement by filtration. Read more



marble architecture power – a construction material with a history

Since antiquity, marble has stood for power and elevated status. Based on the Feliciani Collection, a repository of ancient Roman coloured marbles in possession of ETH Zurich, the latest story on Explora traces how marble and other decorative types of stone were deployed in different architectural epochs. Read more 


International awards for "Swiss World Atlas" and "Atlas of Switzerland - online"

We are proud that two atlases, developed at the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation (IKG), have won several prizes at the "International Cartographic Conference" in Washington. Read more 


New Assistant Professor at IBI starting in January 2018

Daniel M. Hall (*1985), currently a doctoral student at Stanford University, California, USA, starts as Assistant Professor of Innovative and Industrial Construction. Read more 


30 August 2017, Forum

Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment DF 66 - LCA of Mobility solutions: approaches and findings

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26 September 2017 - 27 September 2017, Course

Öffentlicher Kurs - RAMS/LCC bei Bahnprojekten

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30 October 2017 - 1 November 2017, Course

DAS-Weiterbildung - Verkehr und Verkehrsplanung: Theoretische Ansätze und Modelle

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2 November 2017 - 3 November 2017, Course

DAS-Weiterbildung - Verkehrssteuerung

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3 November 2017, Forum

Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment DF 67 - Tracking current and forecasting future land-use impacts...

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